Accelerate: Xtina is Back.

Christina Aguilera came back on the scene recently when she did a carpool karaoke. It’s been five years since she released any new music, despite telling fans a new album would come ‘soon’…at the end of 2016.

The video, which can be seen here, sees Christina covered in gloopy liquids and glitter, whilst squeezing her x-taped breasts. Accelerate, which features Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz is produced by Kanye West, and will come from her new album, titled Liberation.

For fans who have been waiting years for Christina to release new music, we can’t help but feel like they may be disappointed. The star has enlisted two rappers to assist her, and the song is reminiscent of Rihanna, desperate to chart.

The production of the song feels lazy, as though it isn’t finished, and it’s disappointing to see Christina releasing something like this, when she obviously has vocal talent.

Here’s to hoping the album is better!

The Sound of the Reunion: Girls Aloud Returning?

When Nadine Coyle cancelled her understated solo tour, where she would be performing new songs as well as Girls Aloud hits, many people claimed it was because of a lack of ticket sales…

Nadine, on the other hand, simply said it wasn’t meant to be. With just under a month to go until Nadine went touring – you could meet her for £80 – fans were bemused as to the sudden cancellation.

But yesterday, showbiz reporter Dan Wootton started the rumour that Girls Aloud were about to make a sensational reunion, ready for their 20th anniversary.

According to Wootton, Cheryl came up with the idea with friends and bandmates, Nicola Roberts and Kimberly Walsh.


To dedicated Girls Aloud fans, it has always been clear that Cheryl, Kimberly and Nicola were the closest, whereas Sarah and Nadine were outsiders. Throughout the history of Girls Aloud, Nadine drifted away from the group, and Sarah was always a person that wanted to do her own thing. When Sarah went into Celebrity Big Brother – and won! – fans enjoyed seeing her recount tales of her time in the band. What we took from her stint was that she was friends with Nadine, hadn’t spoken to Cheryl or Kimberly, and ‘the other one’ had disappeared.

When Cheryl met with Nicola and Kimberly at a friends party, photo above, and discovered they were on board with her plans, she reached out to both Nadine and Sarah, who were keen to get involved.

But Nadine’s solo tour would have to wait, as according to the girls, she couldn’t be going on a tour and singing Girls Aloud hits without them.

We can only hope this rumour is true. It looks like we will need to wait for news from the girls themselves to be confident in the knowledge that the best girl group in the 00’s are back.

Liam Payne Talks Positivity of Cheryl Relationship

Liam Payne recently said that his relationship with Cheryl was ‘struggling’, and Cheryl’s PR team were quick to cover it up…

After all, Cheryl can’t be seen as having a struggling relationship, can she? That’s bad for her branding. Now, in a bid to keep things smooth, Liam has spoken positively about his relationship with ‘Chez’.

Promoting his new song, Liam has jumped at every opportunity to speak about Cheryl on the PR trail.

Liam said he was very romantic. He said:

I’m quite the romancer. I don’t know, I mean… a lot of different cooking stuff that I would do. When I’m cooking for someone, well, when I’m cooking for Chez, basically, I like… I don’t know why but my dinner can be just thrown on the thing, whatever, but I have to, like, cut out a little leaf and throw on a little bit of spice and I have to make her dinner really nice. I just have to make her dinner really nice.

And the pair love nothing better than to watch ghostly television.

I love mystery, like, spiritual things. Me and Chezza are actually quite like mysteriously, like, into that stuff, like secretly. You know they have those weird ghost programmes? We love watching those programmes, that’s mostly what’s on our TV. You know that Ghost Adventures squad or whatever they are? When they go see… she LOVES it! And she’ll just sit there and she’s like ‘I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it!’. She gets really into it, it’s funny.

I think someone should tell Liam about the time Cheryl ghost hunted with Most Haunted…

DASH No More: Kardashian’s To Shut Down DASH Stores

Someone tell the DASH Dolls that they’re out of the job, as the Kardashian’s are shutting down their DASH stores…

During the seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney has been the only sister to still invest time into the DASH stores, regularly citing that Kim and Khloe are busy with other projects. Over the 12 years since the DASH stores opened, the girls have taken on more commitments, leaving less time to focus on their boutique, which has been looking dated over the years.

Kim Kardashian took to her website to say:

After nearly 12 years, my sisters and I have decided to close the doors of our DASH stores. We opened our first store as a family in 2006 and, since then, we have made so many lifelong memories. From opening locations in Los Angeles, Miami and New York, to having our ‘Dash Dolls’ spin-off show, it’s been such a huge part of our lives. We’ve loved running DASH, but in the last few years, we’ve all grown so much individually. We’ve been busy running our own brands, as well as being moms and balancing work with our families. We know in our hearts that it’s time to move on. We love our DASH Dolls and are so grateful for the amazing memories.

In December of last year, their New York store closed, and the sisters admitted it was because of pricey rent in the city. The girls have realised that the chain has been losing money, and their isn’t the time to rebrand it and keep it going.

End of an era!

Fifth Harmony Have Definitely Split

Following our report this morning, speculating in the future of Fifth Harmony, we can now confirm here at Feisty that the group have called it a day…

In a statement issued via social media, Fifth Harmony announced that they were going their separate ways to focus on their own work.

They are claiming they will go back to Fifth Harmony after being a group for six years, but we all knows what a hiatus really means!

The group will still continue their later scheduled tour dates, but the end of Fifth Harmony is here.

It’s a sad day.

Fifth Harmony Are About to Split Up

Underrated girl band, Fifth Harmony, will be splitting up soon – it’s inevitable.

Following Camila Cabello’s departure, the girl band were faced with a tough situation. Do they stop now, knowing full well that when one lead singer leaves, it’s only a matter of time before the group disbands? Or do they try and break the band curse, and release a new album and continue without?

We know they chose to continue, releasing a self-titled third album. Fans were divided – whilst it had bops, such as Lonely Night – there didn’t seem to be much passion. A U.K. tour wasn’t even on the cards, like it was for 7/27, and there was very little promo. Lead single ‘Down’ failed to chart as high as previous releases, despite following a formula similar to big hit, Work From Home.

Meanwhile, Camila Cabello was going solo. Crying in the Club became an instant hit, and to help promote a new album, she released two new teaser songs. Such was the success of these teaser songs that Camila couldn’t deny Havana had to be a single. And thus, Havana propelled Camila as a serious artist.

The album, Camila, came out, outselling all of Fifth Harmony’s albums in a week. It was the curse of Zayn Malik or Robbie Williams – the first to leave is the first to succeed. Big time.

Now, Camila is an opening act for the Taylor Swift tour. And Fifth Harmony have just cancelled their Australian leg of their world tour.

The girls don’t appear to be happy. They’re a manufactured girl band of egos that wish to be anything but a girl group. The obvious tension with Camila was noticed by fans and press near the beginning – she was always on the outside looking in.

Whilst her departure might have been a natural movement, it is obvious the other girls wish for the same. All four members, Lauren Jauregi, Normani, Dinah Jane and Ally Brooke, have now signed solo deals. Ally, the last to sign a deal, has a deal for a debut solo album. Dinah confirmed via live chat that her live album was 30% done. Lauren has ventured into solo features, most notably with Halsey.

So, naturally, the end is in sight. Lauren has left Epic Records for Columbia. Normani has signed with new management.

Rumours are now saying that any time soon, the band will announce a ‘hiatus’ – which is supposed to mean time away, but in popstar terms, it means never coming back.

It’s been a fun ride, but the Fifth Harmony days are sadly numbered.

Feisty Opinion: If Harry Styles Really is Bisexual, He Needs to be More Visible

Last night in Paris, Harry Styles supposedly confirmed years of speculation that he likes men…

In new song Medicine, Harry sings lyrics that describe being involved with both men and women, and realising he likes it. He performed the lyrics in front of his current girlfriend, Victoria Secret model Camille Row.

It’s a playful lyric that gives hope to many people who are gay or bisexual, who are looking for a very prominent role model. It’s also a playful lyric that could be compared to Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl.

For a while now, being bisexual has been a trend. Many people have claimed to be bisexual as they believe it made them it edgy, but they don’t truly mean what they are saying.

It gives those who really are bisexual bad rep. People already don’t believe bisexual people actually exist – the idea someone could be interested in both sexes? Is that even legal?

I’m not suggesting Harry is queer bating, so please don’t take it that way. You see, rumours aren’t going away that Styles has had romantic links to men, and insider gossip holds some weight.

It doesn’t matter if Harry is gay or bisexual – what matters is the way he deals with it.

Everyone is entitled to a private life – whether they’re a multi-platinum celebrity or a regular guy – but when you have an influence and a platform, you could really use it to make things better.

Harry Styles is a young man that had all the girls after him. From teenage heartthrob to gorgeous male, the lead singer of a boy band being interested in men is portrayed to us as being unusual. He’s been romantically linked to the likes of Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift. Girls adore him. And there are plenty of boys that adore him, too.

In an interview with Bizarre a year before this concert in Paris, Harry was asked about his sexuality and said he would prefer not to define or label it. That’s fair enough.

But if his lyrics are true to him, and he really is bisexual, I think it is extremely important that Harry really does define his sexuality and speaks out.

It’s also particularly important that we have a pop star that can raise awareness to what it means to be bisexual. It’s not greed. It’s not gay in denial. It’s a sexual preference that has just as much importance as lesbian or gay.

It’s important that Harry gets his privacy. It’s distasteful to hound him and find out if he’s dating men or texting men or tracking down all of his male lovers.

But it would be very beneficial to many people growing up gay or bisexual to have Harry come forward and speak candidly, and proudly, about his sexuality. Even if it is only just one time.

Lyrics can be interpreted in different ways than intended – albeit these lyrics in question are clear – and it’s easy to go back on lyrics than actually speaking out about who you love or who you are.

Harry, we love that you’ve written this song, but please offer your voice to those who see you as their role model and idol!

Did Harry Styles Really Come Out as Bisexual?

Fans are going crazy, after Harry Styles supposedly confirmed years of speculation that he is bisexual…

For years, many people have wondered if Harry Styles is gay. With a string of public girlfriends, many fans and spectators thought him to be bisexual. Yet Harry has remained very quiet on his sexuality, preferring not to label anything.

Yet last night in a show in Paris, it seemed Harry Styles confirmed that he is in fact bisexual with lyrics for a new song, ‘Medicine’.

The lyrics that he sings include: ‘The boys and the girls are in, I’ll mess around with them, and I’m okay with it.’

Other lyrics include: ‘I’m coming down, I figured out I kinda like it, and when I sleep I’m gonna dream of how you tasted…’

Fans are now labelling the song a ‘bisexual anthem’.

Styles spoke about his sexuality in an interview with The Sun’s Bizarre saying: ‘No, I’ve never felt the need to (label sexuality) really. No…I don’t feel like it’s something I’ve ever felt like I have to explain about myself.’

Is Shirely Bassey Dead? The Answer is…

Celebrity deaths are naturally, a very sad state of affairs. Celebrity death hoax are sad for a whole other reason…

That reason is: what sort of sicko gets a kick out of reporting false information that somebody has died?

Hoax celebrity death’s are becoming a lot more common, especially in the rise of ‘fake news’. Sylvester Stallone has been another man who has fallen victim to such false claims.

And now Dame Shirley Bassey has been on the receiving end of these weird articles that gain a lot of traction online.


At a Manfred Mann concert in Cardiff, lead singer Mike D’Abo told the crowds that he had heard Shirley Bassey had died, and that his thoughts were with the late singer. According to D’Abo, he had had a phone call telling him the singer had passed away.

The audience were heard to gasp. Their native Welsh singer had sadly passed away. News soon spread across social media that the star had died.

A spokesperson for Bassey quickly told WalesOnline that the singer was still very much ‘alive and kicking’. They also stated that the rumours were ‘completely false’ and that such rumours were ‘unfair’ to fans.

Other stars, such as Big Brother’s Rebekah Shelton, had to deny that they had died. In Shelton’s case, her Twitter had been hacked, and many news outlets reported she had died.

Bassey is currently working in London.

Kendall and Kylie Are Struggling to Pay the Rent

We’ve all been there. We’ve looked in our bank accounts as our landlords breathe down our necks regarding this months rent payment, and we’ve had to explain that we just simply couldn’t afford it…

And in the case of Kylie and Kendall Jenner, it looks like they’re in a similar position.

The Jenner girls are facing eviction from their office space for failure to pay £41k rent.

Their clothing line business, which have deals with the likes of TopShop, has apparently being operating rent free, as Kendall and Kylie haven’t bothered to pay.

Combined, the sisters are worth £49million. Their office block in New York was found to have a notice pinned to the door, which was obtained by US site The Shade Room.

The legal document reads: ‘Tenant is justly indebted to Landlord for rent and additional rent for the period from December 1, 2017 through and including March 1, 2018.’

If the pair do not pay, the premises will be obtained by the landlord.

The company has been running since 2015.